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OKiShop: a large selection of cakes and goodies in Hong Kong

OKiShop is now offering a large selection of cakes and goodies available in Hong Kong for instant purchase. Saving you the trouble of collecting brochures and order forms from all over town, OKiShop has carefully selected top quality products from the best hotels and cake shops.

OKiShop: safest and most convenient

Thanks to our simple 3-step purchase process and fully secured payment, OKiShop lets you buy your favourite goodies in the safest and most convenient manner.

No more paper order forms to fax or email back. No risk to see your credit card information mishandled.


OKiShop: the best price

Finally, and that's probably the best part, all cakes and goodies are sold on OKiShop with discounts at least as high as the cake shops' own order forms. That includes early bird discounts, bulk order discounts, and free delivery (when available).


Last but not least: - online restaurant booking

Established since 2016, OKiBook has quickly become Hong Kong's reference for online restaurant booking, allowing you to conveniently book tables while instantly securing the highest discounts, up to 50% off. Our venues of choice include Yamm at The Mira Hong Kong, Grand Café at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Garden Café at Conrad Hotel, and over 70 of the best restaurants in Hong Kong.